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Learning Technologies Program Update
December 2011 

Recent drawing from the Immune Defense design Document

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Immune Attack
Evaluation Successful

Thank you to all the 5-12th grade teachers who participated in our evaluation.  Melanie has received data from about 180 control students and 180 Immune Attack students in High School and again that many in middle school!  She is writing a manuscript to be submitted to a peer reviewed journal.

If you are still interested in participating, please contact Melanie at mstegman at FAS.org. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Science Game Reviews

FAS Learning Tech is going to start a site where we post reviews of Science Learning Video Games.  Melanie will review games that are designed to teach science to 10 year olds and older.  We will also recruit a scientist in the field and a teacher who has used the game to write a review as well.  You the public can review and post your score as well. 

If you are a scientist or a teacher and you have a game you would like to review, please contact Melanie mstegman at FAS.org.  We start posting Reviews in January.


Read more at our Blog

Link here to our list of Science Games  And send us news of new science games you like!

Who else is making learning games for science?

Rice University Center for Technology in Education and their workshop for teachers with lots of great materials here:  GamesInScience at Rice

Muzzy Lane in Boston.


Whyville:  Send your 8-13 year olds into the online virtual world... They will learning to make vaccines to cure Whypox, and they can play an ever increasing number of fun science games.



Great Science Games in One Place

My Game IQ is a download system like Steam but with a focus on younger players and learning games.  Free to use, and most of the games are too.  Additionally, mygameiq provides us with data about how long players play, which helps us improve our game.  (MyGameIQ is PC only!)



Thank you as always for your support of our programs.  Please share this newsletter and links with all our colleagues.   Pass the science game information on to the students you know.  And keep in touch!

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USA Science and Engineering Festival Expo 2012

Last year's USA Science and Engineering Festival Expo was a huge success.  FAS had a booth at the expo last year on the mall (you can watch Melanie's video here!)  With nearly one million participants, the inaugural USA Science & Engineering Festival was the country’s first national science festival - the ultimate multi-cultural, multi-generational and multi-disciplinary celebration of science and engineering in the United States.

Many people came up to Melanie in the FAS booth and asked, "What do scientists do?"  So the festival organizers have included a place for everyone to ask such questions of actual scientists. 
"Encounters With Scientists."

This year April 28 & 29th, 2012 FAS will organize one hour in the "Encounters With Scientists" booth.  The hour FAS is sponsoring will center on the topic of science education and science policy.  Who decides how much radiation is safe?  Who makes sure laws about environmental issues get written effectively?  And then who decides what is put into museums about science?  Well, scientists do!  Come ask some of our scientist friends how they got trained, how they got started, and even ask them what classes they too in their first year of college!

*Request for your participation!!*

Are you trained as a scientist and now work in policy or education?  Will you be in DC April 28 and 29th?  If yes, then please sign up to spend 1 hour talking with the public about your life as a grown up science major.  The Expo is in the Convention Center, April 28 & 29, Saturday and Sunday.  Our hour will be between 10 and 4 on one of those days.    
please sign up!



Do kids like Immune Attack?

Watch one teacher's YouTube video to see for yourself!  We'll tell you soon what kids are learning by playing Immune Attack. Students playing Immune Attack in their classroom!

This video was sent to us from Shadow Mountain HS in Arizona.  These kids are a tough crowd, and they loved Immune Attack.  Watch more of our FAS Videos from teachers and students about Immune Attack in the classroom.


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Your support of the Learning Technologies Program is crucial because it allows us to continue our work on Immune Attack 2 and reach out to a larger group of teachers to evaluate and assess how playing a video game about biochemistry and cells teaches students, and changes their attitudes toward the material. You can even designate your gift specifically for our program.

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Thank you for your continued support of the Learning Technologies Program and have a happy and safe holiday season with your family and friends!

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See the funny handrawn picture in the top right of this email?  Do you know what cell is shown?  Do you know what this cell is doing?  Write to mstegman at FAS.org and tell us you answer. If you are correct you will be listed as a winner in our January Newsletter!

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